About The Experience


Over the time spent at any of the  AEP Experiences, and through effective application of the techniques  we employ, participants will begin a deep and lasting process of personal transformation and the shaping of the desired persona can occur.

Participants have a “mirror held up to them” and can really see themselves as others see them, with the facilitators helping to re-shape their Executive Presence.

Beyond the program, participants will emerge with a personal development plan with re-entry tactics to ensure the momentum continues and changes become habitual.


The AEP Programs are consciously different to other executive development programs, in that:

  • They are beyond “Leadership Development” programs, as they deal with critical issues of how to develop an ethical framework (or a moral compass) that creates true authenticity and therefore credibility in the eyes of followers
  • They are beyond “Presentation Skills” programs as they deals with the foundation of what makes someone an effective presenter – that is, self-awareness, self- confidence and a set of personal values

  • They are beyond “Emotional Intelligence” programs as they develop real, practical techniques in understanding others, developing empathy and self awareness that are the foundations for getting on with and influencing others
  • The programs have strict, limited numbers of attendees, with live-in Facilitators – there is a significantly greater level of personal interaction, feedback and coaching than other executive development programs, with a strong emphasis on candid, direct and creative feedback. The programs are designed to be a transformational, profound and valuable experience

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” Marcus Aurelius